Dalton McGuinty and the 2% Surtax

So, under pressure from the NDP, Dalton McGuinty has added a 2% surtax to taxpayers that have income in excess of $500k…but is it really a 2% increase? No, it’s not. There is already in place a 56% surtax on high rate Ontario tax. By increasing the standard top rate from 11.16% to 13.16% (the publicized 2% increase) the net effect is actually to increase the  rate by 3.12% (2% x 1.56). Combined with the top federal rate of 29%, it now means that the highest personal tax rate in Ontario will come very close to 50%! The last time we saw tax rates that high, Bob Rae was the premier – and we know what happened to the economy when he was in charge. This is not good tax policy when the government should be creating jobs not punishing the successful entrepreneurs.

Don Scott, FCA Director of Tax Services Welch LLP

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