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Garth Steele

Senior Advisor

« The thing I like most about working at Welch is being able to fill in the gaps in our clients’ expertise and providing solutions that make a difference for our clients. »

Garth leads Welch’s commodity tax practice and he has significant expertise in GST, HST, Payroll taxes, and other Provincial Sales Taxes and helps clients understand the implications related to harmonization of the Federal and Provincial sales tax regimes. Outside of Welch, Garth gives lectures and leads tutorials on commodity tax issues with CPA Ontario and CPA Canada.

Garth also provides traditional auditing services to non-profits and owner-managed businesses especially in the real estate development and commercial landlord sectors, and has over 25 years experience in these sectors.

In addition, he has developed an expertise as a fund administrator and billing and collection agent for government-regulated industries; notably, within the telecommunications sector.

He works extensively with American and European companies seeking to establish businesses in Canada, helping them

understand the sales tax issues, including registration, collection and filing requirements, for non-residents making sales in Canada. Garth manages our “virtual accounting office” practice whereby we provide a turnkey “back office” solution to foreign controlled companies who need assistance in accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance matters.

Garth began his career with Welch as a co-op student in 1980 while working on his Bachelor of Mathematics Degree at the University of Waterloo. He graduated and joined the company full-time in 1984, received his CA designation in 1986, then moved up to the rank of Partner in 1993.

In 2018, Garth was awarded the designation of “Fellow” (FCPA, FCA) by CPAOntario in recognition of his leadership within the profession and in the community where he lives.


Ottawa, Toronto


613-236-9191 #516


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