BKR International

Welch is an independent member of BKR International.

BKR International represents the combined strength of more than 160 independent accounting and business advisory firms in 500 offices in over 80 countries.

As one of the top 10 global accounting associations, BKR brings the world to its members by giving them access to global expertise in tax, accounting and other financial advisory services. Members are able to provide targeted services to clients wherever they are located.

In addition to global professional expertise, BKR offers a number of resources and opportunities to share ideas and views on the ever-changing world of accounting. For more information about BKR International, please visit their website: www.bkr.com.

What does it mean for our clients?

As a member of BKR International, Welch has access to extensive resources and professional expertise to help our clients do business around the world. This enables us to remain a regional firm, dedicated to our local business community, while giving us a global reach to help you with any cross-border or international business issues you may be facing.

What does it mean for our staff?

The benefits of our membership with BKR extend beyond the service we provide to our clients. BKR members can lend staff to other firms, giving employees the rare opportunity to work abroad.

Charles’ story

Charles Berry, CPA, CA, a former manager at Welch LLP, connected with SRJ Accountants through BKR International. Charles was looking for an opportunity to travel and work in another country so he could experience their world of accounting. His wife is from Brisbane, Australia. When Charles found out that SRJ Accountants, based in northern Brisbane, was encouraging secondments, he jumped at the chance to work and live in Australia for a few months.

Before his career as an accountant, Charles was a successful ballet dancer for the Stuttgart Ballet, and travelled all over the world to perform.

“While there are many things about my new career that I enjoy, I had missed the opportunities to travel and learn about other cultures, countries and cities,” explained Charles. The opportunity to travel to Australia was the perfect fit.

“The opportunity to spend four months working in Australia meant that I was able to learn more about the culture and Australian way of life.”

Working internationally not only brings a new perspective to an office in another country, but also allows you to gain experience that you can bring back to your current job.

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