Welch will help you build your practice and clientele to secure your future success.

We understand the significance and importance of the investment you have made to become the professional you are today. Welch is founded and managed by professionals with the same high level of training, commitment and ethical standards. We have a long history serving professionals in various communities of practice, including medicine, law, accounting and engineering. Our stellar reputation is one of the many results of our enduring relationships with these specialized clients.

What We Do

  • Preparation of annual tax returns
  • Tax consultation
  • Tax compliance
  • Annual financial statements
  • Net worth statements
  • Accounting outsourcing
  • Consulting on financial issues
  • Auditing
  • Wealth planning
  • Incorporation of professional practice
  • Succession planning
  • Ownership/transition planning
  • Strategic planning


“Ever since I first started working in Ottawa over 20 years ago in entrepreneurial positions, I have felt an increased sense of confidence in the choices I made when Welch LLP was involved. Everyone I have ever worked with is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. When one Welch LLP team member could not supply specific expertise, another team member could. I trust Welch LLP completely.”

Sarah Roncarelli, CEO, Fifty Strategy and Creative

“At Vice & Hunter LLP we have been practicing law in Ottawa for over 40 years and Welch LLP has been our trusted accountants for many of those years. Throughout, Welch LLP’s service to our firm has been outstanding. The partners and staff are personable and their advice has always been accurate, helpful and timely. All around, we have found Welch LLP to be an excellent firm.”

Peter Vice, Partner, Vice & Hunter LLP

“If you have a vision that’s strong and sustainable, you need partners that will grow with you and support you as you grow. We partnered with Welch to do our day-to-day accounting, tax, business and financial affairs. Outsourcing these functions to a company that is reliable, focused, and efficient allows us to focus on growing our business. Welch has expertise in a wide variety of services including tax, accounting, business valuations, M&A, and other specialty areas. I would highly recommend Welch. Our relationship with Welch goes well beyond a service provider or financial advisor; it really is a true partnership.”

Deborah Rosati, Corporate Director & Co-founder, Women Get on Board

“I needed an accountant as a first time business owner and chose Welch because they have a great reputation for being expert accountants and true professionals. I knew right away that I could fully trust Ryan Dostie (Partner). He provides exceptional service and support even though we are a small business. Time and time again he has shown that he genuinely cares about me and my business. In addition to the great customer service I receive the fees are very reasonable and affordable. I would recommend Welch to every business in this city.”

Michelle Le, Owner, Salon 130

“It is a pleasure working with Barb MacMillan at Welch LLP. She provides immediate feedback and advice on pertinent issues.”

Joe Dalferro, Treasurer, International Cheese Council of Canada

Team Members


Director of Professional Standards, Partner

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