Community Leadership

We strive to make a difference and believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the community.

Community leadership is a central component of our vision for Welch LLP; all of our offices have charitable causes, events and organizations that they support throughout the year. Many of our partners and staff sit on the boards of not-for-profit organizations, and we encourage community involvement from all of our staff by offering an annual volunteer day.


Being a person with a disability can make finding employment difficult but with support from Ottawa’s LiveWorkPlay, Emily was able to find the right job for her.

Welch Legacy Foundation

In 2011, we established the Welch Legacy Foundation, a charitable arm of Welch LLP. Through this foundation, we supported Bruyére Foundation through our Annual Beach Soccer Tournament from 2011–2015. Our commitment to Bruyére Foundation helped them to continue their mission of helping aging Canadians remain as healthy and independent as possible through innovative and compassionate care, research, education and advocacy.

In 2016, we launched our event The Grand Casino: Betting Against Cancer to support the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and raise funds for their Back to Work program. The Back to Work Program is designed to help navigate the physical and mental challenges of returning to work after cancer treatment. Throughout coaching sessions, patients not only receive support from cancer coaches, but also gain understanding from other survivors who have made the transition back to work.

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