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Webinar - Cyber Security

Third Party Risk Management

 – As a business owner, how can you be sure that you are choosing good technology and business process service providers for your organization? There are multiple factors involved in this decision-making process.

Past Webinar - Wealth Advisory

Market Outlook: Where Will Inflation Go From Here?

 – With recession risks building, where will inflation go from here?  On May 17 at 11:00am, Welch LLP’s Family Wealth Advisory Group and guest speaker Craig Basinger, Chief Market Strategist of Purpose Investments, will host an informative discussion on the market outlook.

Past Webinar - Business Advice

Top 10 Tax Planning Tips for Business Owners

 – When it comes to planning for the financial well-being of your business, there are hundreds of goals you can set, and even more ways on how to reach them. But where do you start?

Past Webinar

Essential Governance Practices for NPOs

 – Essential Governance Practices for NPOs: Practical steps to oversight, strategy and risk management in the current environment

Past Webinar - Business Advice

Not-For-Profit Annual Accounting & Tax Update 2022

 – Our expert speakers explore issues related to Accounting and Tax Standards, along with other topics vital to your non-profit organization to help you prepare for the upcoming year.

Past Webinar

Private Enterprise Accounting and Tax Update 2022

 – Gain insight for the year ahead with our Virtual Annual Private Enterprise Accounting & Tax Update Webinar.

Past Webinar - Wealth Advisory

Market Outlook 2022: Are We Already in a Recession?

 – Welch Family Wealth Advisory invites you to join us for an informative discussion on the current market outlook on September 14 at 11:00am.

Past Webinar

Representation in Recruitment

 – Learn important details necessary to better incorporate Representation in your Recruitment practice. Our panelists include Dr. Sue Haywood, Director, HR […]

Past Webinar - Past Webinars

Celebrating Diverse Women in Leadership -Past Webinar

 – In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8th, our EDI Community Alliance put together an insightful webinar. Our EDICA […]

Past Webinar - Past Webinars

Market Outlook: What’s Ahead in 2022

 – Hosted by Welch Family Wealth Advisory’s Senior Advisor, Micheal Burch, FCPA, FCA, CFP, the Market Outlook: What’s Ahead in 2022, […]

Past Webinar - Past Webinars

2022 Annual Public Sector Accounting Update

 – Gain insight for the year ahead with our 2022 Virtual Public Sector Accounting Update. Sarah Keyes, CEO of ESG Global […]

Past Webinar - Past Webinars

Future of the Office – 2021

 – Future of the Office Leader of our Real Estate industry experts, Peter Berry, hosts our Future of the Office webinar. […]

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