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Whether you are looking for a co-op placement or you are a recent graduate, we understand that career development is your top priority.

Welch is the firm for entrepreneurs! Whether you’re looking for a co-op placement or you’re a recent graduate, we understand that building your career is your top priority. Here’s what makes Welch different from your average accounting firm.

Holistic approach

Learn by working side-by-side with our subject-matter experts on the entire client file.

Variety of client work

Meet and work with clients from all kinds of organizations and industries.

Work culture

At Welch, we work hard and support each other every day. We also have a lot of fun. Find out how we do it!

Extensive CPA support

We will support you every step of the way as you work to get your CPA.

Work-life balance

Enjoy your life outside of work. We offer the flexibility you need to make the most of your time.

Personal development

Reach your full potential at Welch. We offer so many opportunities for your career growth and development.


Work at a company that provides countless opportunities for growth.

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“Given my past experience working at a different firm, I felt that Welch was my best option because of the importance that they place on maintaining a work-life balance. At all of the networking events, the representatives from Welch were very personable and gave off a great impression to me. So far, my experience has been very positive. The staff have been extremely supportive and helpful throughout all of my tasks/engagements. All members of the team, regardless of their level at the firm, are equally approachable.”

Isaac, 2019 co-op student

“I originally chose Welch because of the variety of work I would be exposed to, as well as the welcoming work environment. After joining as a co-op student I realized that my expectations were right, and that I was getting to work on many different types of clients and engagements; furthermore, I was working on them with a team that supported me. By doing both of my co-ops at Welch and now being full-time, my skills have grown exponentially stronger and so has my relationship with my colleagues, which is the key to fostering a healthy, productive work environment.”

Chelsea, Staff Accountant

“I chose Welch because of the people I would have the opportunity to work with and the comradery present at the firm. I believe that the accounting tasks that get completed are similar in all accounting firms so, for me, choosing a firm with great people and management that supports my path for the CPA designation was really key. So far, I have had the privilege to work on various types of engagements for private businesses & nonprofit organizations that has enhanced my accounting knowledge.”

Bruke, Senior Staff Accountant

“Before I chose a firm for my co-op terms, I was able to visit [many] firms of all sizes; but I only felt that vibe/connection with Welch. At Welch networking/office events that I attended, most of their staff remembered me, made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions about the workplace. At Welch, I get to work on my own files from beginning to end. Furthermore, I am able to do audit field work, solidify my team work skills, improve my time management skills, and more. Welch gives a lot back to the community, helps their staff reach their goals and provides a great work environment.”

Mario, 2019 co-op student

Student Events

If you can’t make an event and are interested in being considered for a position with Welch LLP now or in the future, please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected].

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Student Opportunities

If you are interested in being considered for future opportunities, please submit your cover letter, resume, and transcript to [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will guide you through our selection process, and what your life will be like once you join us at Welch.

What is the GPA cut-off for students?

There is no specific GPA cut-off. Although we consider your marks, we focus on well-rounded students who do extracurricular and volunteer activities and show they can balance competing priorities. We also value professionalism, leadership and interpersonal skills – and people who show initiative and integrity.

Do I need accounting experience to be considered?

Absolutely not! Experience in bookkeeping or accounting helps a lot, but we do not expect students to have experience when they apply for a co-op or entry-level job at Welch. We train and support our new employees and students to make sure you have all the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to succeed at any point in your career.

What will my first day be like?

You’ll spend your first day learning your way around the office! We’ll assign you a “buddy,” introduce you to the Partner you’ll be working with, as well as your team, and start showing you the work you’ll be assigned as a student.

Will I work long hours?

A certain amount of overtime is unavoidable during busy season at any firm. Our goal is to make sure our employees can manage their workload. The standard work week increases to nine-hour days from February to April. But our staff will put in even more time if and when that’s needed to meet client deadlines. This means working some evenings and weekends. But don’t worry, we offer plenty of ways to boost staff morale during our busiest times. You’ll find a kitchen stocked with healthy snacks, weekly social breaks and an all-staff breakfast, to name a few!

What is the work environment like at Welch?

Our environment is very team oriented; rarely will you find yourself working alone on a project. We operate like a family, helping one another to succeed and move forward. No matter the team you work with, you’ll support others and others will support you. Our firm has won many awards including 2016 Faces Magazine Best Place to Work and 2018 National Capital Region’s Top Employers!

Do I have to have a car?

No you do not. Our offices are in downtown Ottawa, making us easy to get to by public transit. You can also reach many of our clients that way. If not, we’ll arrange to get you to their offices.

How will my career progress?

Welch uses a three-level manager career path promotion system based on performance. The manager role at Welch is a very important one because our managers are responsible for delivering great service, training staff and bringing in new clients. You can expect to meet with your Manager/Partner several times a year to talk about your career goals and discuss how we can support you.

What is Welch’s dress code?

Welch’s current dress code is “Dress for the Day”! That means you’ll use your judgment to dress according to what you’ll be doing on a particular day. For example, if you’re meeting a client or representing Welch at an event, you’re expected to dress professionally.

What type of support does Welch provide towards a CPA designation?

Welch provides competitive support for our students working towards their CPA. This includes financial support for CPA PEP, Master’s, and Graduate Diploma students; paid time off for studying and exams; CFE preparation; and a coach/mentor, to name a few!

What type of client industries will I be exposed to?

Welch serves clients from a wide variety of industries and sectors, including automotive, real estate, construction, not-for-profit and government sectors – and many others. Our new employees get great experience in all areas of accounting.

How soon after joining the firm will I be given real responsibilities?

When you join us as a staff accountant, you’ll be doing basic accounting and auditing under direct Manager/Partner supervision, either alone or as part of a team. New staff accountants are often pleasantly surprised at the level of responsibility they are encouraged to take on.

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