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Kyungsoo Yoon

Senior Manager

Working at Welch LLP is truly special because it feels like being part of a close-knit family. We support each other, celebrate successes together, and make a real difference in our clients’ lives. It’s not just a job—it’s a place where my passion for accounting meets a caring and collaborative environment

Before joining Welch LLP in August 2023, Kyungsoo spent over a decade at a global accounting firm, providing audit and accounting services to both public and private clients, with a specialization in hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital clients. He obtained his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation from the Massachusetts Board of Accountancy in 2016 and was admitted to CPA Ontario in December 2023. Kyungsoo serves as a senior manager on numerous Welch NPO engagements, including audit, review, and compilation. Kyungsoo strongly believes that what sets Welch LLP apart is not only the technical expertise but also the ability to connect with the human aspect of finance and accounting. The firm understands the weight of financial decisions, the concerns that accompany changes, and the essential role trust plays in forging successful partnerships.

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Joined Welch in



University of Connecticut, Accounting 2013




647-288-9200 #413


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