2012 Predictions

With 2011 in the “books”, what can we expect in 2012? Hopefully some stability will return to the economy, but, I would not count on it. With my financial bias in mind here are a few predictions:

  1. Access to capital, particularly early stage companies that present the most risk and biggest opportunity, will continue to be a challenge. However, 2012 will be a transition year where new sources of capital will emerge and renewed interest in investing. 2013 and 2014 are the years where we will see funding flowing.
  2. M&A activity will be steady or increase as companies with strong balance sheets struggling to grow revenue capitalize on the challenges mid market companies have to compete in the global economy. The acquisitions of mid market companies will provide liquidity to investors that will fuel the flow of funds beyond 2012.
  3. Government rationalization of spending will put pressure on government incentives resulting in changes in 2012 that will impact 2013 and beyond. Lobby now for those incentives you believe should continue.
  4. US accounting standard setters will agree to not adopt International Financial Reporting Standards and continue to maintain their own set of accounting standards.
  5. The Canadian accounting professions will merge into one Canadian accredited accounting designation.

Pricing pressures will continue in 2012 as companies focus on protecting their bottom lines. To compete effectively, goods and services will need to be priced competitively and offer tangible benefits.

– Bryan Haralovich, CA, CPA (Illinois) Assurance Partner Welch LLP

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