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Past Webinar - Business Advice

Top 10 Tax Planning Tips for Business Owners

 – When it comes to planning for the financial well-being of your business, there are hundreds of goals you can set, and even more ways on how to reach them. But where do you start?

tech sector 2023

Blog - Business Advice

2023 Outlook – Technology Sector

 – The technology sector in general performed very well during this period as Covid accelerated digital transformation. The technology sector has benefited during the past several years from growing enterprise valuations that recognize the value in the broader economy’s leveraging of technology to improve productivity and outputs.

5 things you can do as a business Owner

Blog - Business Advice

5 Things You Can Do as a Business Owner to Prepare for 2023

 – As we say goodbye to 2022, there seems to be a consensus that Canada will enter a recession in the latter half of 2023. Having weathered the rollercoaster of the past two years, we appreciate the concern business owners are feeling as they will no doubt face yet more twists and turns in the new year.

Past Webinar - Business Advice

Not-For-Profit Annual Accounting & Tax Update 2022

 – Our expert speakers explore issues related to Accounting and Tax Standards, along with other topics vital to your non-profit organization to help you prepare for the upcoming year.

Publications - Budget

2022 Ontario Budget Commentary

 – On April 28, 2022, the Ontario government presented its 2022 Budget – Ontario’s Plan to Build. This document includes insight […]

Publications - Budget

Federal Budget Commentary 2022

 – On April 7, 2022, the Federal Budget was released by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland. In it are new spending plans […]

News - Business Advice

Welch LLP is now a CDAP Digital Advisor

 – Welch LLP is a qualified CDAP Digital Advisor working with SMEs under Stream 2 of the CDAP. If you are an SME, and you qualify for the CDAP, you have two options:

Blog - Business Advice

The Capital Gains Tax Rate and its Impact on Estate Planning

 – There has been much discussion in recent years about whether the capital gains inclusion rate might be increased, with these […]

Blog - Business Advice

Organizing and Monitoring the Technology Environment and Processes.

 – So you planned your new IT process, bought or built what you need , and got it going.  If these […]

Blog - Business Advice

Operate the Technology Environment

 – Providing reliable IT systems and services for the benefit of users is the fundamental reason you spend money on Information […]

Blog - Business Advice

Acquire & Implement Tech to Support Business Needs

 – Technology projects are key in the competitive business world.  No matter what the internal or external drivers are for change, […]

Blog - CRA

The New Ontario Business Registry

 – The Ontario government recently announced the Ontario Business Registry, which would allow corporations incorporated under the laws of Ontario to […]

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