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New Trust Reporting 2022

Blog - Tax Group

New Trust Reporting and Disclosure Requirements

 – The proposed new trust reporting and disclosure requirements have been a hot topic for tax advisors since they were first […]

News - EDI

EDICA at the Carleton University Inclusion Workplace Forum

 – Our Welch EDICA team members at the inaugural Carleton University Inclusive Workplace Forum, this past October 2022.


Tax Facts and Figures – October 2022

 – Tax Facts and Figures is produced by Welch LLP as an information service with the understanding that it does not render accounting, legal or other professional advice.

Interest rates

Blog - Investing

A Look into Today’s Interest Rates

 – Any discussion on interest rates must start with “inflation”. The definition of inflation is “too much money chasing too few goods”. Both sides of this equation have been in play over the last couple of years.

Cyber Secruity Awareness

Blog - Cyber Security

Cyber security awareness for business leaders 2022

 – October is cyber security awareness month. We are also well into the Fall season. This is a time to give thanks for the harvest and other blessings.

Past Webinar

Essential Governance Practices for NPOs

 – Essential Governance Practices for NPOs: Practical steps to oversight, strategy and risk management in the current environment

Past Webinar - Business Advice

Not-For-Profit Annual Accounting & Tax Update 2022

 – Our expert speakers explore issues related to Accounting and Tax Standards, along with other topics vital to your non-profit organization to help you prepare for the upcoming year.

Blog - Investing

When Does the Bear End?

 – The big question in equity markets these days is, when will this bear market end? As we have pointed out previously, when the market turns it often includes a very fast run up.


Blog - Tax Group

Personal Services Businesses- Understanding What They Are and the Implications

 – It seems that more individuals are using corporations to carry on and report their income from their consulting-type business.


How the RESP Helps with the Costs of Education

 – It’s that time of year again – the kids are going back to school. If your kids are old enough, a return to class could be an emotional experience, but also a significant financial burden. The costs of post-secondary education are high and rising at a rate that consistently out-paces inflation. 

News - Staff Stories

Myles Ramsay, 2022 Scholarship Award Recipient

 – Congratulations Myles Ramsay on your well-deserved award! Myles is the winner of the 2022 Welch Anniversary Scholarship of $2,500.


Associate Revenues – A Changing Metric

 – As the owner of a medical practice or clinic that employs additional doctors as associates you are required to determine the right revenue strategy that will cover your costs but also keep those doctors engaged in your practice. 

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