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Nicole Rogers


“My favourite thing about Welch is my colleagues. The people and culture are what made me want to work for the company, and it is what keeps me here.”

Nicole Rogers is a former journalist turned accountant. Originally from a small, rural town in Alberta, she has backpacked through Southeast Asia and Central America and worked in England, Nicaragua and the Philippines for short stints. Nicole originally graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Journalism, major in Broadcast. She spent seven years in documentary production as a researcher and associate producer for award-winning directors before deciding to become an accountant. With Ottawa as her new base, she earned a Master of Accounting at Carleton University in 2020. Nicole joined the Welch LLP family in September 2019 and hasn’t looked back on her new career in accounting. Now her focus is merging her professions through providing services to media and entertainment clients.

Quick Facts


Master of Accounting, Carleton University (2020) and Bachelor of Journalism, Ryerson University (2009)

Community Involvement

Film & TV Advisory Committee, Ottawa Film Office

Hobbies or Hidden Talents

Yoga, hiking, cycling and attending music or film festivals

Favorite Book

Bronte sisters

Most Memorable Vacation

Being on a boat crossing from Vietnam to Cambodia that starting sinking. We had to swim with our luggage to an island and then found out we had to cross the island to get to the other side… and the island still had landmines from the war. Needless to say, I made it!

Personal Accomplishment

Going back to school for a completely different career and earning my CPA designation




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