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Past Webinar - Wealth Advisory

Market Outlook: Where Will Inflation Go From Here?

 – With recession risks building, where will inflation go from here?  On May 17 at 11:00am, Welch LLP’s Family Wealth Advisory Group and guest speaker Craig Basinger, Chief Market Strategist of Purpose Investments, will host an informative discussion on the market outlook.

RRSP Income

Blog - RRSP

Converting Your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Into Income.  

 – You’ve been contributing to your RRSP throughout your career and now it’s time consider reversing the flow of funds; leveraging your RRSP as an income source to help fund your retirement.  The RRSP is an important and often materially significant piece. What are your options? 

Blog - Wealth Advisory

RRSPlease and Thank you

 – I cannot believe it is time to start considering our annual Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contributions. CRA sets out our contribution limit on our prior year Notice of Assessment. Armed with that information we have everything we need.

Blog - RRSP

RRSPs and the headaches of excess contributions

 – What happens if you contribute too much to your RRSP? The good news is that you can contribute up to $2,000 over your contribution limit without any negative consequences, but once you contribute over $2,000 above the limit, what happens?

Blog - RRSP

Retiring in Canada: 3 Easy Steps to Consolidate Retirement Funds

 – For those who are fortunate enough to begin their retirement, maximizing retirement funds should be a top priority, especially, when […]

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