AI in the Workplace

Language AI like ChatGPT is an innovative tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way the accounting and finance functions operate. The use of AI in the public sector can lead to increased productivity, improved stakeholder experience, and reduced workload for employees. Our presentation will demonstrate firsthand how AI can be utilized in the accounting and finance setting, making it a valuable asset for any public sector or non-profit organization looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Click below to watch the full presentation by Umar Saeed, Partner at Welch LLP.

Demo Series with Umar Saeed

Draft policy

AI In the Workplace: Demo #1 will take you through drafting a policy on ChatGPT, which you can then tailor to your needs. This is incredibly helpful if you don’t know where to start when creating this type of a document, providing you a template of what a policy would look like.

Draft Disclosure Policy

AI in the Workplace: Demo #2 takes you through creating a first draft of a note disclosure on ChatGPT for your financial statement – something that is common in the public sector, especially among retirement obligations.

Summarize Technical

AI in the Workplace: Demo #3 shows you how ChatGPT can summarize technical materials, helping you to easily understand complex concepts and industry-specific jargon.

Creating Content

AI in the Workplace: Demo #4 goes through a few examples on creating content through ChatGPT. Types of content examples include blog posts, press releases, news articles, social media posts, and imagery that can accompany these content pieces.

Situational Emails

AI in the Workplace: Demo #5 shows you how to draft a professional email for different situations in ChatGPT, including nuances in the language that can be tailored to the appropriate audience.

Editing & Review

AI in the Workplace: Demo #6 demonstrates how ChatGPT is capable of reviewing your existing content, giving you feedback, and making suggestions to improve it.

Technical Language

AI in the Workplace: Demo #7 is an example of how ChatGPT can analyze sections of your legal agreements and give you an accurate summary in simple language.

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