Swimming, Biking, and Running – Oh My!

November 7, 2023

Congratulations, Dan, on checking off a major bucket list item!

Dan Creighton, Senior Manager in our Ottawa office has achieved his long-time bucket list item: Completing his first-ever triathlon.

This dream was born back in 2000, when Dan watched Simon Whitfield win the Gold Medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Thinking it could be done, and putting in the work to complete the task are two very different things. Dan tells us that preparing for the triathlon was more mental prep than physical prep for him, although he did do a considerable amount of work on the swimming, biking and running aspect of training.

“I felt I should have prepared more but it was important to do it regardless of the end result,” says Dan. “Frankly, why did I choose a triathlon (Meech Lake) with so many hills!? I was excited, nonetheless, and taking the adventure in while completing it.”

Meech Lake, located in Gatineau Park, is a clear body of water surrounded by bike trails and scenic hills. With a 1200m swim, 21.7km bike course, and a 6.4km run, this race was far from relaxing.

As soon as the race was over, Dan tells us he was excited to complete it, and was already looking forward to the next one.  “It’s important to note that although it wasn’t my greatest performance it was a bucket list item that I completed,” Dan tells us.

When asked what was preventing him from completing this bucket list item, Dan says he didn’t make this a priority and time flew by. 23 years later, with the encouragement of the team at Welch and the Garth Steele Faith Over Fear Fund, Dan finally took on the challenge.

“I worked for Garth for many years before his retirement and he is a mentor to me. I know my experience at Welch as a whole was shaped by his leadership and guidance. I am happy to be able to complete this and provide some inspiration as he continues his journey.”

Congratulations, once again, Dan Creighton! We are looking forward to hearing how your next race turns out!

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