Top-9 Reasons to hire a Cloud-Bookkeeper in 2021

Local bookkeepers are typically recommended because of their proximity, as they are in the same city and can come to your office or home for a meeting. That being said, the advent of remote bookkeeping and cloud-based services has made it easier than ever to work with professionals online. For businesses, this means greater security as there is no sensitive information on their local machine.

Have no fear; you can work remotely with the best cloud-bookkeepers online without feeling apprehensive or risk-averse! Here are 9 reasons for working securely online with a professional Elevate cloud-bookkeeper:

#1 – Work remotely with your favorite cloud-bookkeeper

If you’re looking for a local bookkeeper, it’s worth considering that the distance between you and the bookkeeper may not matter at all. There are bookkeepers that work remotely, and while there may be a few more steps involved, with proper procedures you can work with your favorite bookkeeper without leaving the comfort of your own home or office, and still be more secure than working with someone local.

#2 – Work with a cloud-bookkeeper for peace of mind

There are no secrets safe on your local machine! A cloud-based service means that there is an added layer of security to protect all personal data on the cloud. The data is protected in several ways – encrypted at all times (on every step of the way), expertly managed and backed up daily. You don’t have to worry about losing data if your computer is stolen or damaged, because most cloud-bookkeepers will have you covered in a heartbeat.

#3 – Get a remote bookkeeper to work with you as your partner to provide solutions

Some small business owners are extremely overwhelmed with the amount of work they need to get done each day. A local bookkeeping & tax professional can be a great asset but they’re typically working with other clients as well, so adding more pressure or stress is certainly not what you want. Instead, find yourself a bookkeeper & tax professional who can support and help you grow your business. A cloud-bookkeeper is different than a bookkeeper near you – they are committed to working with you as a partner, to provide you with all the solutions you need to help your business grow.

#4 – Use a secure online payment system for peace of mind

There are several secure payment gateways that provide a safe and secure way to pay for services. Many small business owners who choose an online bookkeeper usually use such a system, so it’s worth checking out if you’re getting started, too!

#5 – Keep records in the cloud for digital audit trails back up as well as ease of access from anywhere any time

Digital records are easier to access and maintain while backed up in the cloud. Cloud-bookkeepers provide not only cloud-based bookkeeping, but are also extremely knowledgeable and experienced staff when it comes to being able to quickly assist clients with any issues or needs they may have with digitizing all of their source documents, records, and company & employee files. And for businesses who do not have a full time staff, this serves as an added benefit.

#6 – Select your cloud bookkeeper based on the services they offer

Most cloud-bookkeepers will offer services such as a secure payment gateways, remote access programs, online payroll with dedicated employee portals, advisory services using state-of-the-art reporting tools, as well as support other small business owners in growth through blogs and other resources.

#7 – Create a comprehensive budget that keeps you accountable

A cloud-bookkeeper will provide you with the tools and services you need to be able to create a budget, so you have no reason to not adhere to it. Cloud-based bookkeeping software is extremely easy to use and will keep you organized and in compliance with all of the most up-to-date accounting requirements, giving you a comprehensive record of all income and expenses in real-time.

#8 – Get your bookkeeping online before or after your fiscal year-ends

Bookkeeping software is known for its user-friendliness and simple design, and since it can be accessed from anywhere, even if you begin working with a cloud-bookkeeper right before or after the end of the year you will still be able to take advantage of that.

#9 – Understand the value of outsourcing

Hiring a professional bookkeeper can be intimidating for some small business owners and entrepreneurs, and most business owners do not have the time or budget to bring on a full time bookkeeper. No matter how tired you are of doing your own bookkeeping or how much you think that you can handle it yourself, bookkeeping is not something that should be left to chance. As long as you consider a few of the above points, then starting to work with your cloud-bookkeeper may just be the best decision you ever made.

Whether you are a business owner, partner or board member of a small business, bookkeeping & taxes can be daunting and confusing. You may not know where to begin, or you may be concerned about the details. Fortunately, your cloud-bookkeeper can help by providing tax planning services and/or reviewing your past year’s taxes to ensure that you are on the right track. Your bookkeeper will also provide his or her expertise in preparing and filing the necessary tax reports required by all tax authorities. Want real-time data & information? Entrust your business to an Elevate Cloud-Bookkeeper –

“One-on-one personal service, a fresh approach to accounting solutions—no gimmicks, no pressure, just great service and great results. That’s Elevate by Welch”, says Sean Duffy, CPA, CMA, and Senior Manager at Elevate by Welch, a cloud-bookkeeping service that supports small business owners with their bookkeeping & tax needs.

“Anita is a fantastic professional to our fast-growing cloud-bookkeeping service,” says Sean Duffy. “She is very professional, knowledgeable and has an eye for detail. I highly recommend Anita as a bookkeeper for any business.”

Anita will be available to assist you with all your accounting needs from an accounting point of view as well as with QuickBooks Online.

Anita and her team of Cloud-Bookkeepers provide many types of services for small business owners including financial planning, taxes and payroll services, sales strategies, as well as cloud-based bookkeeping and cash flow forecasting reports/tools for your business growth.

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