Work Life Flexibility

Work Life Flexibility

All of us enjoy life but unfortunately, not all of us enjoy work. I am one of the lucky ones that love what I do, which makes finding the balance between work and play that much easier.

Work is a big part of your life but you do not want it to be your entire life. Work life flexibility is essential and helps you to be more focused and productive while at work as well as to enjoy what you are doing. In my earlier years (it hurts that I can say that), I used team sports, far off travels, a good group of friends and/or a good book to keep the life side of the equation looked after. Now a days my focus has shifted to my two young daughters, who keep my wife and I on our toes, and it is important to me that I be home for dinner and story time.

Welch is structured to promote work life flexibility. As a firm, we strongly believe in the importance of family and friends, being involved in your community and having a life outside of the office. At the end of the day, the work has to get done, however, this flexibility is what allows me to finish the day’s work after I spend time with my kids in the evening. I find the extra effort to be a small price to pay as it helps build relationships with clients and staff.

As you go about your career, the balancing act will continue to change. If you enjoy your job, you will find it does not get in the way of your life and putting in the extra effort to get some extra play time will not feel like a major hurdle to overcome. Choosing an employer who promotes work life flexibility is the first step in setting yourself up to work hard but play hard.

Mat Irwin, CPA, CA
Ottawa Office

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