Hockey Assignment of a Lifetime

January 4, 2023
Staff Stories

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Congratulations to our very own Jenn Berezowski, manager in our Trenton office! She is one of twenty officials chosen by Hockey Canada to travel to Ostersund, Sweden for the IIHF Under-18 Women’s World Hockey Championships.

Jenn will be the only Canadian official at the week-long tournament, and she has been getting into top shape by refereeing local games and studying the IIHF rulebook to catch nuanced rules that aren’t in Hockey Canada’s rulebook.

“What an amazing accomplishment! Jenn is an excellent official; she has officiated a few games of my daughters over the years.  I am very pleased to hear that her talent and skills have been recognized.

Shawn Kelso, Partner, Welch LLP Ottawa

This once in a lifetime opportunity is thanks to her hard work and passion for the sport. Jenn grew up in Brighton, Ontario, and has been refereeing since the age of 16, amidst her hockey-playing and school schedules. Jenn played for the University of Ontario Institute of Technology women’s team in Oshawa, after which she made the decision to switch to officiating full-time. Her continued work in the sport led to many incredible opportunities, including being recognized by the Professional Women’s Hockey Association, and being promoted to the national level.

“I’m trying to get out there and teach young females who have already signed up to referee some tips and tricks and hopefully improve their confidence,” Jenn explains.

“Whether it’s a sport you’re playing, or whether it’s your job, in my case, it’s officiating, having children and having a family doesn’t necessarily put you off your path. It just maybe takes a little bit more motivation and energy and support around you to get to your goals.”

Jenn Berezowski, CPA, CA, Manager, Welch LLP Trenton

Jenn will be headed to Sweden on Thursday January 5, along with her three-and-a-half-month-old daughter and mother to support with the baby.

Jenn is positive that her incredible opportunity will inspire the people in our firm on all levels, especially the many talented women we have in our offices across the country. For all young girls, women, and working moms who are interested in hockey and giving back to their community, she encourages them to get involved as much as possible, have a determined work ethic and be open to feedback.

“If you set your mind to it, it’s definitely possible,” says Jenn.

The tournament will be aired in Canada on TSN starting Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023.

The full tournament schedule can be seen at this link.

Alexei Vidal
Marketing Specialist

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