Welch’s Staff Accountant and Redblacks Cheerleader, Hannah Steele

Photo by: Gord Weber

“Although it is busy handling a full-time job in accounting and these additional extra-curriculars, it is all so worth it for the memories and fun I get to continue having during my 20’s.”
– Hannah Steele, CPA, CA – Staff Accountant

Hannah Steele, Staff Accountant at Welch LLP, grew up with a passion and love for creative outlet sports and loved to perform. At the age of 15, Hannah had auditioned and joined her first recreational cheerleading team. It became clear that this sport was a perfect fit for her. She continued to cheerlead throughout all of high school, and found it helped form friendships and connections with a variety of different people. In her senior year, as a leader on the team, Hannah mentored many of the younger students. This rewarding experience was one of the many reasons she continued to cheerlead after high school.

Hannah attended Wilfrid Laurier University for their Bachelor of Business Administration program, and joined the varsity cheerleading team on her way to becoming an accountant. University is where Hannah first experienced sideline cheerleading for the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawk’s football team.

After graduating university, Hannah landed a job at Welch LLP in Ottawa working full time as an accountant. After being back in Ottawa for four months, Hannah started to really miss cheerleading and decided she had to get back into it. She joined a cheerleading club at Royalty Elite Cheer Gym. This type of cheerleading didn’t have her cheering on sidelines of sports games, but it still gave her the rush she was missing.

After attending her first Redblacks game and seeing the stunts the cheerleaders were performing, it became evident that she had to try out.

Redblacks Cheerleaders with Hannah Steele
Photos by: Gord Weber

In March 2018, Hannah was absolutely thrilled when she made the Redblacks Cheer team. This opportunity allows her to cheer from the sidelines, and continue cheering at Royalty Elite all while working a full time job. With the help of the team, the amazing Redblacks coaching staff, and her colleagues at Welch, Hannah felt confident and prepared for the 2018 season opener. Cheering in front of 20,000+ people may seem extremely stressful, but Hannah felt right at home and did an amazing job. Between the fun she was having with her team, the excitement of the game and the contagious spirit from the crowd Hannah felt anything but stressed.

“Welch allows me to achieve the level of work-life balance I need to be a part of the Redblacks cheer team and meet the time commitment it requires. Everyone at Welch is so supportive.”

Hannah credits her ability to cheer while working full-time to the understanding that Welch has, and the enthusiasm shown by her employer to pursue what is important to her in her life. “Welch has a very family oriented environment, they truly care about each and every one of us at the firm. I think it’s this mind-set to see us succeed both personally and in our careers that creates the support system needed to follow our dreams and live life to the fullest.”

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