Navigating the Finance Landscape In Turbulent Times

May 26, 2020
Past Webinars

What is the way forward from a market perspective? How will this massive stimulus impact our country? How can my household adapt to the changes?

To learn this and more, you’re invited to attend an exclusive virtual town hall featuring Som Seif, Founder & CEO Purpose Investments Inc.

Welch Family Wealth Management experts host Som Seif, founder and CEO of Purpose Investments, the award-winning institutional and retail investment manager to discuss what you need to know during these turbulent market times of COVID-19.

Also joining the panel is Welch LLP partner, Chris Meyers CA, CPA, who is the former Deputy Chief Financial Officer for IRCC, as well as, former Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Finance.

  • What’s different in the current market environment compared to previous market downturns
  • Where is there value now, what to avoid, and what to look for on the recovery side
  • Canadian fiscal commentary, including a 6- to 24-month view, as well as impact of stimulus, debt and economic recovery
  • Strategies to consider for effective family decision-making and optimal financial positioning in the downturn.

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