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Blog - Tax Group

Purchasing a capital asset?  Consider buying it now to advance your tax savings.

 – If you are considering purchasing an asset to use in your business in early 2024 you should really consider advancing that purchase to take advantage of these rules. The advantage of the advanced deduction to reduce overall taxable income in the current year and potential cash savings for those companies that would otherwise have a tax bill is clear. 

Past Webinar - Business Advice

Not For Profit Accounting & Tax Updates 2023

 – Our expert speakers explore issues related to Accounting and Tax Standards, along with other topics vital to your non-profit organization to help you prepare for the upcoming year.

Blog - CRA

Increased Interest Rates – Don’t Forget About CRA

 – When we think of interest rates and how they have increased so dramatically over the last year or so we think of mortgages, lines of credit, credit cards and other forms of bank debt. But there is another creditor that may be looking to be paid – the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

New Underused Housing Tax

Blog - Tax Group

New Underused Housing Tax (UHT)

 – Effective January 1, 2022, new legislation came into effect in Canada, and with that, additional annual tax filing requirements with severe penalties for non-compliance.

Expense reimbursement

Blog - GST/HST

Expense Reimbursements and GST/HST

 – A question we regularly hear from our clients is “what is the correct way to deal with expense reimbursements from a GST/HST perspective?”

Blog - GST/HST

GST/HST and New Residential Rental Properties

 – Firstly, because the sale of new housing is subject to GST/HST, any GST/HST incurred during the construction phase of new housing is refundable to the builder either as an input tax credit if the builder is registered for GST/HST, or as a rebate if the builder is not registered for GST/HST.

Blog - CRA

Form PD27 – Mandatory Subsidy Reporting Requirement for Employers

 – The CRA is requiring all eligible businesses, partnerships, non-profits, charities and sole proprietors with a payroll account to complete and submit Form PD27 (10% Temporary Wage Subsidy Self-identification Form for Employers) indicating how they have applied the 10% TWS. This applies if:

Blog - Business Advice

CRA Guidance on Employee Home Office Expenses Deduction on 2020 T1 due to Covid-19

 – The CRA has made the home office expenses deduction available to more Canadians and simplified the way eligible employees can claim these expenses. 

Blog - GST/HST

A potential capital gains tax rate increase? Consider planning for tax savings now

 – As protection against a potential increase in capital gains tax rates, taxpayers might consider undertaking planning to trigger capital gains prior to any tax rate increase, while the capital gains inclusion rate is still ½.

Blog - CRA

Non-Resident Withholding Tax On Canadian Rental Income

 – It is not surprising that many non-residents of Canada (whether it be foreign investors or Canadian emigrants) who own and […]

Blog - GST/HST

Tax implications of converting your home into an income property

 – If you did, this may apply to you. Whether the property is converted from personal-use to income-producing or from income-producing […]

Blog - Budget

Federal and Ontario 2018 Fall Economic Statements

 – On November 21, 2018 the federal and Ontario governments released Economic and Fiscal Update Statements. The various economic and tax […]

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