Top 50 Women in Accounting

Change is constant in our ever-evolving world, but one thing is for sure: women around the world are making their voices heard, stepping up, and leading the change. Caroline Proulx, Onboarding Manager at Elevate by Welch, is one of these outstanding women.

Chosen as a Top 50 #WomeninAccounting for 2020, it’s obvious why Caroline was a top choice. This list celebrates all the amazing women who are driving advocacy and creating opportunities in the Accounting and Bookkeeping industry. Caroline hits all of those points:

  1. Dedicates and promotes inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and beyond;
  2. Invests in the next generation and the future leaders of accounting;
  3. Advocates for the accounting industry and support of the wider community.

“I am truly committed to making this happen because I believe in the path that Welch and I are carving out for me and others. My hope is to showcase Elevate and Welch as a fantastic place for women to work and thrive, and give us something to be proud of

“The profession is becoming more diverse, thanks to the increased number of female students and graduates. However, we have yet to see a greater representation of women in senior accounting positions.”

Professionals were included on the list based on their written submissions, promotion of inclusivity and change in the profession, investment in future accounting professionals, and their involvement with causes both inside and outside the profession.

For the full list, visit Practice Ignition’s site here:

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